About Donations

It’s incredible what a dollar can do, multiplied a million times.  Your 1 dollar donations will be entrusted into the most optimal investments of compassion.  Every effort is made to direct funds where they’ll benefit the cause itself–rather than fundraising and administrative expenses.  The entire proceeds from this site will be donated to causes of compassion.  Once a pattern of giving is established, you will see verifiable, periodic updates here on this post.

A huge, heartfelt thanks to those who donated in 2011. We had a small, yet enthusiastic beginning–a $100 contribution was made to Medical Teams International for the Japan relief effort. Again, deep appreciation to those who helped make a difference.

It would be great if PayPal would donate their fees to the cause.  Even though fees are a reality, they should not prevent us from pursuing a greater good.  Zero multiplied by nothing = nothing.  A fraction of even 1 cent multiplied by millions = endless possibilities.  I am actively pursuing the process to gain official ‘non-profit’ status.

I welcome any constructive feedback on this blog.  There are a dizzying array of organizations worthy of support.  How inspirational the “Secret Millionaire” approach–I applaud those efforts and would like to see ‘unsung heroes’ receive direly needed help from unexpected benefactors.  Nick Ortner  from “The Tapping Solution” bolsters compassionate generosity by donating $50,000 of profits to Project Light, in Rwanda–and this was just a beginning–he continues to double and triple this level of compassionate contribution.

Thanks for considering your part in this inspirational, altruistic outreach.  Together we can make a greater difference.


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