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Enjoy great story & music, and e-book downloads as you help the world…and share the joy with others.

I would like to donate $1 and download “Fabulous Funny Feats”

Here’s my contribution of $2.  I would like to download 2 beautifully arranged songs by Ruth Schutter–“An Angel Walks with Me” (piano) and The “Sound of Music” theme (vibraharp)

I would like the above music Mp3 downloads and “Fabulous Funny Feats”.  Here’s my donation of $3

I enjoyed the first downloads so much, I’m back for more–and to give further support to compassionate causes.  *I’ve included one extra dollar per gift copy of the downloads I passed on to others.  I’m looking forward to more super surprise downloads.  (Choose your donation  amount, $3 and up).


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Note: After donating, you’ll be brought to a download page.   You will also receive an e-mail with the download links–this may happen immediately, or take 5-15 minutes, depending on e-mail servers.   Please report any unlikely problems.   Enjoy your downloads!

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  1. Ellen Amador

    I have always been one to help the less fortunate and people in need.
    This is another great way to help your fellowman in times of need.