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You’ve discovered one of the best free motivational videos online. Listen now to music that inspires, free on the site.

This is an inspirational video that encourages one to soar—and embrace life with love and passion—before the ‘sun sets’.

In October, 2010, my treasured mom passed on, and I am glad for the significant amount of time I could devote to her the last couple years.  She left a legacy of love, faith, and music, (as I share more about on the 1 dollar donation site)—all proceeds go to compassionate, disaster relief efforts. 

The movie highlights passionate pursuits while treasuring relationships. You’ll even see our family centenarian holding ‘new birth’.

This movie was made on the Mind Movies editor. I took the pictures of the retro cars & vans while attending the 2010 Mind Mastery World Summit in San Diego.  The Mind Movie team is kind and generous.  I saw so many super, compassionate people, including Nick Ortner–(See another inspirational video–about a cause that Nick, and Jessica support with astounding generosity). 

Life is an adventurous journey, and I wish you all the best on yours…

Thanks for watching—Enjoy:)

Linda Dunn

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