How To Find Family-Friendly Funny Short Stories

Have you wondered where to find funny short stories for family enjoyment?  You could pursue endless, fruitless searches and come up empty.  Or take much time in libraries attempting to glean some clean, humorous stories. Now you’ve found a quality source online. The convenience and almost free cost are unbeatable values.

Fabulous Funny Feats is a great addition to family favorites—a treasure that kids and adults will genuinely enjoy.  Timeless values are highlighted and inspiration is woven throughout the stories.

If you want to help the world in good humor, you’ve come to the right place.

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  1. Kerrie Hein

    With love, humor, unselfishness, and caring, there’s no question that Linda is making the world a better place. Come here for a bit of refreshment in your busy day! I’ve made my donation and haven’t yet had a chance to read the stories…but as a longtime afficianado of reflexology, I’m feeling better already!

    • Linda

      Thanks so much! ‘Kerrie’ must mean ‘Caring’. You made my day:) You will receive some special gifts for being the first visitor/contributor on the 1dollardonation site. We’re off to a great start supporting compassionate causes.
      Joy & Blessings to you always, Linda